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Health Benefits of Physical Activities for Teens

10th February 2017

Lack of any physical activity or in other words being a “couch potato” is quite widely recognised as a leading risk factor for all kinds of ailments ranging from diabetes to obesity to high blood pressure.  These were all considered ‘adult’ illnesses that are now increasingly...

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Fad Diets and Teens

3rd February 2017

Fad diets are all the rage these days. The lack of exercise in the lifestyle (heavily laced with a lot of junk food, such as burgers and pizzas) has led to a surge in obesity with increasingly younger individuals not just in the UK, but also all over the world falling easy prey to medical...

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Diabetes mellitus

31st January 2017

Diabetes mellitus is the name of a broadly defined group of diseases that are caused by high levels of glucose in the blood stream. It is typically caused by low production of insulin in the pancreases, an organ in our body that produces Insulin.  Insulin is the hormone that helps glucose or...

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3 Lifestyle Habits That Can Improve Your Health

27th January 2017

People often go through their most confusing phase in their teen years. It is the time in which we begin to learn more about ourselves and have to decide how we ought to spend the rest of our lives as productive and engaging members of our society, especially with regards to what education we...

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What is CHYPS Plus?

20th January 2017

What is CHYPS Plus?CHYPS Plus seeks to provide young people (anyone between the ages of eleven and nineteen) in the City and Hackney area easy and convenient healthcare. We cover both mental and physical health issues.We take pride in being highly supportive while offering a comfortable...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Drugs and What to Do Instead

19th January 2017

For one or many reasons, people often turn to drugs in teenage years. Factors, such as broken homes, divorce of parents, or intolerable living and financial conditions are among the many reasons why teenagers resort to drugs to relieve their stress and find some emotional comfort. However, what...

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