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Stoptober 2014

Event Date : 1st October 2014

Been trying to kick the habit of smoking for a while but never succeeded? Get involved with Stopober, which runs for the whole of October!

Homerton University Hospital and CHYPS Plus are full supporters of Stoptober and Breast Cancer Awareness. Did you know a staggering 50, 000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year? It is also estimated that around 12, 000 women die of this disease every year. Something has to be done!

One possible risk factor can be smoking. Whilst evidence is currently unclear whether smoking actually causes breast cancer, there is limited evidence to support that current smokers have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Not only this but the risk is higher for women who smoke more or for a longer period of time.

Research has also found that there is link between exposure to passive smoking over long periods of time and an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Smoking is very damaging and a major cause of many serious health conditions, including, lung cancer and heart disease. If you would like more information about Stoptober please click here.