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3 Lifestyle Habits That Can Improve Your Health

Improve your health

People often go through their most confusing phase in their teen years. It is the time in which we begin to learn more about ourselves and have to decide how we ought to spend the rest of our lives as productive and engaging members of our society, especially with regards to what education we should seek. However, an overlooked aspect of our teenage years is our time spent on doing unhealthy activities that has the potential of affecting our physical and emotional health.

It is has become a culture nowadays to get insufficient sleep due to staying up late at night, eating junk and processed foods and getting insufficient exercise. Yet these are the three most important lifestyle factors that can be an immense investment into our future. Let us explore how each of these are important to our health.

Having regular exercise

You may think that exercise is among our frequent habits as British citizens. However, this is not the case. The rising obesity rates in the country reflect a growing neglect of poor lifestyle choices, particularly with regards to infrequent physical activity. The more you exercise, the better your blood circulation levels and mental health tends to be.

It is not a surprise to find many young boys and girls suffering from depression and poor mental health. Frequent exercise helps release endorphins that eliminates stress and increases our feel good factor. Invest your time playing sports, such as football, cricket, squash, tennis, swimming, or boxing.

Eating a balanced diet

Eating clean and nutritious food is also something that youth lack and need to make a habit of. Doing so can help minimise their risk of cardiovascular diseases and increase their lifespan. More importantly, it can prevent you from feeling sluggish and help you think and feel better as well.

Make sure to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can along with proteins and complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes and oats. Also, keep junk or fried food limited to special occasions to help you keep your weight healthy at appropriate levels.

Sleeping early

Sleeping early is not something that crosses our minds as teenagers. We would rather spend an entire night watching movies and TV shows instead of sleeping and waking up early to do something more productive. All successful people from businessmen to athletes wake up early and begin their day by either exercising or doing their most critical tasks. Adjusting to an early riser routine will require detaching yourself from surfing the internet on YouTube, checking social media notifications late at night to help you go to sleep easily and comfortably.


In short, the aforementioned lifestyle habits are extremely important for helping you make the most of your active years and investing in a more healthy future. Challenge yourself to develop these habits and invite your friends to do the same. You will feel a big difference in your life and see big improvements in your mood and physical health.