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Alcohol and its harmful effects

Many teenagers are lured by curiosity and peer pressure to experiment with alcohol. After all if their friends and adults are doing it why should they not give it a try?

All the inherent problems associated with drinking could well just be nonsense as far as many of your friends are concerned.

It is extremely important that you realize and understand that imbibing any alcoholic beverage would be very harmful indeed for your mental, emotional as well as physical health.

As a matter of fact, it is a highly dangerous habit and there is a reason why your parents and other elders constantly tell you not to have such drinks and in fact, you can’t even go to a store and buy one yourself, till you are of legal age. The law simply does not allow it. Before trying any ‘hard’ drink stop and just think why that is so. The governments of virtually all the countries of the world ( where alcohol is legally sold) have put age restrictions to keep them away from kids, teens and anyone else who is under aged.

This is because it harms not just the body but the mind as well, especially of the very young. You should not think that having only a few drinks would not really matter and you would be right as rain in a few hours. The mere idea that it can change your perception of reality is enough to make sure that you keep your distance from something that is so dangerous to you. However, there are other reasons as well which offer compelling proof that saying no to alcohol is as important ( if not even more so) than saying no to Marijuana and cigarettes.

 It tastes really bad

Let’s face it, hard liquor tastes awful, in fact, downright revolting. It is extremely bitter and makes you stink. Take enough of the stuff and it would have you vomiting all over the place. And that is definitely not cool... Not cool at all.

 It makes you smell bad too

It is bad enough that it tastes horrid, but the smell is worse - Much much worse in fact. And what’s more, the smell does not remain in the glass alone, but it becomes part of your breath as well. So, every time you exhale you release a cloud of noxious evil smelling odour all around you, forcing even your best friends to stay away.

 Prolonged usage leads to addiction

Let us be over and done with the idea that ‘a few glasses of booze every day are not additive.’ If that were not the case, why would there be a chapter of “Alcoholics Anonymous” in most cities all over the world? And if you still think it is not true ask your school administration to arrange a trip to the local rehabilitation centre. Once there, you will be able to see up close and personal, just how many people end up in rehab because of drinks alone.

 Conclusion


The only way of dealing with anyone who wants you to try and be ‘cool’ and take a few drinks is to simply walk away.

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