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Anti-bullying Week 2014

Anti-bullying Week 2014

There are many things which society has erased. Trends come and go all the time. However, bullying will not shift. Bullying has been around for generations; it is now becoming somewhat a common feat throughout schools, colleges, university, and in some cases even work.

The worst part about bullying is how it continues and even sticks around way after and even has happened. A lot of people who are bullied are affected by this for life. It can direct people down the wrong path for a very long time and cause severe depression especially in children. Whilst some people might feel inspired to prove the bullies wrong; this is not always the case and this is what the anti-bullying week was designed for.

Clearly, this scheme is all for getting rid of bullying, but getting rid of it completely, is the dream! This would not only make a lot of people’s lives easier and more enjoyable; if someone is allowed to feel more confident about themselves then this gives room for them to grow too! This article is designed to help understand what the anti-bullying week is all about and why it is so important to pay attention to this!

“Together we will make a difference”

Every motto needs some kind of relevance to the subject and there couldn’t be anything more relevant to bullying than this. No bully in the world, no matter their reputation, would be able to handle numerous people standing up to them. With this said, the anti-bullying week wants this message to be known by as many people as possible; the aim, for everyone to be familiar with it by the time the week ends. So therefore, if everyone knows about this, the idea; you will know to help the person being bullied rather than let them fend for themselves.

This week also gives school, youth centres, sports clubs, and more to work with young people and try to understand how bullying features in their generation. Now we have multiple means of contacting someone via social media it means bullying happens on all kinds of mediums. This of course is a very negative, as it means bullying can occur 24 hours of the day no matter where you are. However, social media can be great too; anything can become viral within minutes thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. This offers up a great opportunity for bullying to be seen as a huge negative; through the mass numbers using social media bullying can be gone forever!


The fact is, bullying has been constant in almost every kind of society for years and it’s almost as if people are suggesting it’s ‘just one of those things’ and that it’s acceptable. The truth is people who are bullied could be affected in all kinds of ways and in a lot of cases this can make for some brutal changes to the way someone might act, think, or do anything for the rest of their life. Furthermore, no matter the resources; social media, word of mouth, school’s teaching it from a young age…the aim is simple, to ensure everyone is prepared to voice their opinion and fight against bullying and not just for this week forever.

The anti-bullying week commences November 17th and ends on the 21st.