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Cocaine: A terrible drug

Many surveys have been conducted whereupon teenagers have been asked as to why they started using drugs in the first place, to which a clear majority replied that it was due to pressure from their peers and friends. In other words they whey wanted to be hip and cool and popular.

Please note the above with care, because this is something street dealers know very well indeed. In fact many dealers have been known to hang round schools or parks or even shopping malls and they try to befriend vulnerable teens with offers to “help you out” with “something to bring you up.” The drug will “help you fit in” or “make you feel awesome.”

But remember! Drug dealers are out and out liars and are solely trying to make a profits, which is why they would say whatever it takes (and whatever a vulnerable young kid would believe) to ‘push’ their terrible drugs. They might say “just try crack once and everything’s gonna be okay; it will make everything go away.” They are even more attuned to lonely teens and those who look depressed.

They don’t care if the poison they push into your hands would destroy not just your own life but those of your loved ones as well. All they want is to get paid and make money.

The sympathy they show you is as fake as the dreams they try to sell in the guise of giving you a great time. Once a person is hooked, he or she is almost completely under their control and they may make the young addict do whatever thing want him or her to, because by then, the unfortunate drug user is no long in his or her senses and is totally dependent on his supplier’s next installment of the drug.

 Here is how Cocaine works

Basically street cocaine makes the brain release a hormone called ‘dopamine.’ This ‘feel good’ hormone is what makes us happy. So, a flood of this chemical in our bodies make us feel really, really joyful. But as the dopamine in our brain is used up, we start feeling depressed and the more cocaine we take the more depressed we become till life becomes unbearable. There is no other way, but to go for rehab and try to get the drug out of the system by quitting it completely. However, this is easier said than done because cocaine does not let go easily and the withdrawal symptoms may be terrible indeed. And even after successful rehabilitation the lure of this terrible drug is such that it makes many people relapse and they go back to taking it again and thus start the same vicious circle all over again. There is nothing cool about being a hollow-eyed addict, there is nothing cool about making your friends and families and everyone who loves you cry. And lastly there is nothing cool about dying from an over dose. Stay away from Cocaine!