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Counting Down the Most Common Teen Behaviours

Feel like no one around you understand you? Worried about the change brought on by puberty? Can’t seem to find where you fit in the society? Feel like defying rules, being rebellious with parents or hanging out with questionable friends?

All of these are very common teen behaviours every teen experiences. The reason you must know these is so that you can better assess your situation or responses to stay out of trouble. Let’s take a closer look at them in this blog post.

Identity Crisis

Identify crisis is one of the most common issues reported by many teenagers. It is that awkward phase where most teenagers like yourself are trying to figure out who they are. It is very common to develop some stress-related anxiety when the teenager feels that they don’t know where they fit in the society or what do they want to be now that they are growing up.

Sassiness and aggression

Can’t seem to agree with your parents or siblings on anything? Feeling like they just don’t understand what you are going through? Do they not give your enough space to be on your own? Do you feel pressurized by the many expectations they hold from you? All of these result in some sassiness and aggression among teens. You may feel like pointing out other’s mistake, pass judgments, utter sarcasm-filled comments, and try to bully your younger sibling or occasionally shout or reply back to your parent’s commands.

Issues with Independence

You may feel the urge to try riskier things now that you are growing up. You may feel that you need to try drugs since everyone around you is doing but it doesn’t have to be this way. Remember, this is just a phase and shall soon pass. At the same time, many teenagers also have a difficult time complying with orders such as returning home before 9, not driving rashly, not indulging in unprotected sex etc. If you feel the same, know that this is a very common and normal behaviour triggered by your hormones.

Body image issues

Your body and appearance will change the most during your teen years. Since a majority of kids go through puberty, having body issues is also commonly viewed behaviour among teens. They are trying to make sense of the changes and become familiar with the new face and body they see in the mirror.

Cyber Addiction

Too much reliance on social media is also a commonly observed behaviour among many teens. 245 of teenagers are online constantly on social media platforms as reported by PEW. It is good that you like to stay up to date with the things happening around you and in the lives of your friends and family, but it shouldn’t become an addiction. You must not stay glued to the video game day in and day out. Set balance must be maintained between what is real and what isn’t.

Alcohol, sex and drugs

Last and probably the most important, teenagers get exposed to many new thing such as alcohol, drugs and sex. You become more and more intrigued about the three without even realizing the dangers of them. Unprotected sex, drug abuse and addiction to alcohol will only open doors to problems than bliss or enjoyment. It is going to affect our body, our emotional wellbeing and lower our chances of creating a good career for ourselves.