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Diabetes mellitus

What You Can Do To Avoid Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is the name of a broadly defined group of diseases that are caused by high levels of glucose in the blood stream. It is typically caused by low production of insulin in the pancreases, an organ in our body that produces Insulin.  Insulin is the hormone that helps glucose or sugar release energy in the body. Lack of insulin or insulin action in the blood increases Glucose levels, along with all its associated problems.

In the long run, this condition may cause serious problems in your body. However, catching it early as well as subsequent treatment may prevent many problems caused by it. It can also prevent or delay the onset of long-term problems such as deterioration of the eyes, loss of teeth due to gum damage, heart ailments and even damage to the kidneys.

Up till some time back the form of Diabetes that children and teens suffered commonly from was Type 1. In fact it was so common that it was often referred to as ‘Juvenile Diabetes.

Unfortunately, even smaller children today are at risk from type 2 diabetes which was seen as ‘adult – onset’ diabetes only. This is due to a large part on the modern day couch potato life style as well as the eating of junk food leading to obesity even amongst the very young.

In Type 2 Diabetes the body either does not produce insulin outright, or is not capable of using the insulin it is actually producing.   

Those kids who are either very fat (especially due to unhealthy eating habits) or have a history of the illness in their family or don’t bother to exercise run a far higher risk of being diagnosed with Type 2.


There are many telltale symptoms of this illness that would help you decide if you have it or even if you just need to go to your doctor to ascertain if you require a test.   

  • Thirst

Do you suddenly feel thirsty for no reason even if the weather is very cold outside? If this has happened before then maybe you should have yourself checked.

  • Tiredness

If you feel tired even after spending the day lazing in bed then there is an off chance that you just have acquired this ailment.

  • Weight Loss

While weight loss amongst obese people is commendable indeed, but if there is no conscious effort or viable reason behind it, such as a strict diet regimen or exercise, then it might be an indication of Diabetes.  


  • Frequent Urination

If you have to go to the washroom at odd hours of the day and even during the night especially when you have not drank a lot of water or other liquids, then it is certainly a cause of concern that should be checked by a doctor.  

What You Can Do To Avoid Diabetes?

  • Exercise

Physical activity is an excellent way of decreasing the chance of getting Diabetes in the long run. This is because not only does healthy exercise reduce blood sugar levels but also helps lose excess weight. Both of which are very important to curb Diabetes.  

  • Eat healthy to Be Healthy

If you live on a steady diet of fries, shakes, cakes and ice cream you would be at a greater risk of getting Diabetes while also gaining excess weight rapidly. If you eat healthy alternatives to junk food then it’s quite likely that you would not end up with Type 2 Diabetes at the very least.