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Eating Healthy While on Vacation

All right let’s admit it; once you and your family hits the road, all those high flying resolutions about healthy eating pretty much go down the proverbial drain. After all, hunger pangs generally take our decisions for us and denying them just makes us miserable with the end result being our tendency of feasting on the closest accessible (albeit) greasy burger at the local gas station. It does not matter if you are only thirteen or fourteen, if you continue to do it often enough and the ‘odds are you might return to school with a waistline somewhat bigger than when you left.

But always remember, it does not have to be this way because with a bit of planning mixed with just a dash of foresight (and lots of patience of course) you can look and feel as great as ever before.

Pack your provisions in advance

If you already have plenty of food in the car then there would be no pressing need to stop at the nearest restaurant. Well cooked strips of hunter beef (to satisfy the urge for meat) to tasty, crunchy, munchy apples to nosh would just about hit the spot.

All out ‘snack attacks’

The best way to fight the urge to consume junk food is to refrain from getting hungry in the first place. Fill yourself up with quality snack instead. Before starting off, get your folks to stock up on a ‘healthy’ supply of almonds, walnuts and other all natural dry fruits and raisins as well as granola bars to ward off those shakes and donuts.

Water... Lots of water

Thirst sometimes disguises itself as hunger, and when you crave some chocolate cake, there is a possibility that you may actually be thirsty. Besides that, water fills the stomach quite effectively, apart from being a potent appetite suppressant. And no, being thirsty does not mean fizzy drinks. But plain H2O regardless of how old fashioned it may seem.

You need your proteins

Without an adequate intake of proteins, you would not have the stamina for those long hikes or mountain climbing excursions. Moreover, proteins also help you concentrate better in your studies too. Chicken is a really good source of protein as are legumes and whole wheat products.

Don’t try stuff you know nothing about

Since the whole purpose of a vacation is to ‘get away from it all’ and try out new things in life, the temptation for eating street food is pretty strong indeed, especially if it both smells and looks nice. However, such food items may not be hygienically prepared and could potentially lead to a severely upset tummy and that is definitely not a nice memory to take back with you when you return home. Moreover, you would have no idea as to the oils used in the cooking process as well as its effects on your body. This is why it would be prudent to refrain from eating street food.

Always remember, that there really is no reason that traveling and bad habits regarding food consumption have to be part of the same experience. If you are careful and take the right precautions this family vacation may be the very best one you may ever have.