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Hackney’s residents are prepared to go the extra mile

Hackney Homes Residents Award

In Hackney, the resident’s must work together in order to ensure that it is an enjoyable place to live, especially when it comes to the younger people. With the efforts that are shown on a daily basis from the community, Hackney is quickly becoming an extremely desirable place to live. The ultimate basis of this is that facilities for younger people are improving, there is less and less crime and employment is steadily increasing too.

So, who are the people that make this happen? Who is it that’s making the residents of Hackney so happy, it’s simple; Hackney’s own community members. It’s only fair that they receive some sort of recognition for this too and so they did during the local communities’ special ceremony. By reading on, you’ll be able to find out how these residents made a difference and what it means to the community.

How people in Hackney are special…

This wasn’t just a minority of residents in Hackney, there were 100 people involved in the awards for their efforts. Their efforts involved community engagement projects and more than 80 nominations were received across different categories. Including; Young Resident of The Year, Resident of The Year, Community Project of The Year and the Ron Devoti Award for long service to Hackney.

It would take far too long to go through all the award winners, but here are two of them.

Resident of The Year award went to chairman of high Hill TRA, Shade Ajigbeda, who has been working on many community schemes, such as the development of youth programmes. This was all done because there was recognition from Ajigbeda, that there needed to be more activities for young people, and he made this happen.

Chairman of the Clapton Neighbourhood Panel, member of Landfield Tentants and Resident’s Association (TRA) Mavis Mcgee, won the award for long service to Hackney. After being presented with the award he said, “This award was unexpected. I enjoy getting involved in the community because I want to improve the place I live in and make a difference. This award was unexpected. I enjoy getting involved in the community because I want to improve the place I live in and make a difference.”

What does this means for the community?

With more and more people giving something back to the community, not because they feel they have to, but because they want to, Hackney is improving every single day. The environment, facilities, safety, job availability, everything is improving.

These awards represent the hard work that goes into making a good community great and are thoroughly deserved too. Because of the efforts displayed, Hackney is quickly becoming a perfect location for kids to grow up in and use the facilities available to improve their talents, specifically in sports.

(Image courtesy of: hackneygazette)