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How Can You Increase Your Self Confidence

How Can You Increase Your Self Confidence

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Being a teenager is not easy, especially at a time when you feel pressured to embrace various set of values and norms that you are not used to or are just learning about them. These can include what type of dress to wear what type of language to use and most importantly, how you carry yourself when interacting with new people. Building confidence at this age is very important for helping you reach you life goals quickly and more easily.

Teenagers with lack of confidence can struggle to find a good job, make friends and most importantly, pursue education that can be the pathway to a successful career. In this post, we identify some steps you can take as a teenager to develop your confidence and be more comfortable with yourself around new people and circumstances.

Seek opportunities for accomplishments

It is always important to identify what you want most in life at an early age and pursue your passions to develop yourself spiritually, emotionally and academically. This can involve learning a new physical activity, such as a sport or martial arts, learning how to speak a language, learning how to draw or paint, or take an additional class to help yourself do better at a subject, such as Maths or Computer Studies.

Whatever you choose, make sure you busy yourself in something useful and productive. You will discover many life experiences and people through that will increase your exposure and give you a good sense of what is taking place in the world.

Take responsibility

An often neglected aspect of teenage and even adult years is only concerning yourself with what is important to you and not others. The best thing you can do is to cultivate your empathy and sense of responsibility is to do volunteer work by helping disabled people or the elderly, get a part-time job, or guide tuition classes to other in something that you are good at. The feeling of helping others and doing something to improve the society around you will go a long way in boosting your self confidence and self esteem.

Discover what your purpose in life is

Teenagers often have to come at grips with conflicting set of values about how we should live our lives and we are expected to live as productive member of a society. Instead of always feeling pressured to conform to societal norms, ask questions about what you feel are most important and decide what your ultimate goal in life is. Read books on philosophy, religion and other aspects to know what your place is in this world. You will feel more confident in your own individuality and learn to tolerate other viewpoints and people with different belief systems.

Dress well

What you wear also has a direct impact on how you feel. So make sure you always dress the part when meeting new people or just enjoying spending time with your friends. Make sure your clothes are iron pressed and are not dirty or are dragging on the floor. Your clothes do not have to be expensive; it just takes a handful of basic dressing tips to make your personality shine and help you leave an impression on others.