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The Vision of T.A.G

"T.A.G was developed as a direct response to gang violence. The realisation that gang culture has become part of the inner city lifestyle in some of UK deprived communities, we soon realised that only way change would come, if the community especially gang members played a more central role."


There is a growing culture amongst young people to become involved in gangs for protection, a sense of identity, status, friendship, money and sex. However, the risks are greater than the benefits! You need to be aware of the following elements of gang culture and the consequences they can have on the rest of your life.

If you would like support in relation to gangs or would like mentoring or someone to talk to please click this link: http://www.gangsline.co.uk

Or call their confidential helpline on: 0800 032 9538 or 07985 717 909

You are also welcome to visit CHYPS Plus where you can speak to one of our advisors.