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Teenage Depression: 7 Preventive Measures to Help

Many young people experience the blues in their teen years. They feel down in the dumps and think that there is no coming out from it. It is true that adolescence is an unsettling period in the life of a teenager. It comes accompanied by many physical, psychological, hormonal, emotion and social changes that most teenagers have a difficult time dealing with.

It also includes unrealistic academic, family and social expectations. When teenagers feel they don’t meet those expectations or standards, they feel worse. This disappointment and distrust in your own capabilities can lead the individual into depression.

If you feel the same way, here are our 7 ways to deal with teenage depression and also prevent it in the future.

1. Keep a Journal

This is one of the first things that psychologists suggest to teenagers. Keeping a journal and taking note of all the good and positive things in your life will help you deal with it in the best possible manner. You can even go back to read all the good things when feeling down, isolated or rejected.

2. Avoid the Triggers

If you know of a thing, song, movie, place or person that triggers depression, the best way to prevent the feelings of despair is to detach yourself from the situation that is making you uncomfortable. Such things are known as triggers.

3. Sleep Well

A good 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night is recommended for teenagers. When teenagers don’t get this requisite dose of sleep every night, they are bound to feel moody after waking up which only elevates the level of depression.

4. Take Up Exercise

An exercise as simple as running a mile is enough to give one a rush of the endorphins. These endorphins instantly improve one’s mood in case they were feeling gloomy. Many physicians and therapists today suggest taking up physical activity as an alternative to medication as it can help one combat depression without developing any addictions.

5. Volunteer

Knowing that your help affects someone’s life in a positive way is better than any antidepressant in the world. Seeing a smile on the face of a puppy or a senior suffering from dementia is an instant happiness booster. Volunteer for a cause that you believe in. Teens who suffer from a lack of purpose in their lives have reported dramatic changes in their negative behaviours after working with people and pets with special needs.

6. Take Up Activities You Used To Enjoy

There must be things you enjoy or enjoyed doing. Staying involved in activities that make you feel better or about yourself will prove excellent in preventing depression in the longer run. Be it painting, collecting stamps or playing any musical instrument, get on with it. You may have a difficult time looking for motivation to continue but don’t give it up. The moment you sense the joy that comes from it, you will see significant lift in your mood for sure.

7. Seek Help

Lastly if nothing seems to work for you, there is always the option of seeking out professional help. Don’t feel ashamed as even adults need a helping hand sometimes. At CHYPS Plus, we aim to help troubled teens who struggle with finding where they fit in the pecking order. If that sounds like you, we have many specialists you can talk to and seek counsel from. Please don’t suffer in silence as it will only lead to further depression. You have your whole life ahead of you.