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Top Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Drugs and What to Do Instead

Top Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Drugs and What to Do Instead

For one or many reasons, people often turn to drugs in teenage years. Factors, such as broken homes, divorce of parents, or intolerable living and financial conditions are among the many reasons why teenagers resort to drugs to relieve their stress and find some emotional comfort. However, what many youngsters do not consider are the social, health and other problems that come with a life of drugs. What is more concerning is that the longer you are on drugs, the harder it becomes to become clean again.

The saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ fits perfectly in this case and you must take every opportunity to educate yourself about drugs so that you are aware of the risks. To help you make a rational decision, you need to know about various alternative as well as the harms of drugs. These are as follows.

Affects Your Health

One of the greatest harms of drugs is the impact it has on your health. A class drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis has a wide range of negative effects on your body. Cocaine, crystal meth and heroin can disfigure your face, lead to loss of teeth, among other dangerous effects that can be difficult to restore or recover from. Cannabis, on the other hand, may lead to a calming effect due to the fact that it is derived from plants. However, it can also make you feel lethargic, psychotic and even increase the risks of having schizophrenia.

Destroys Your Relationships

A life of drugs often leads to damaged relationships with your loves ones and family members. Drugs lead to various chemical and psychological changes in your brain the result of which makes you view the world from an entirely different perspective. Addicts often are unable to commit to a healthy and prosperous relationship and get married with a life of responsibilities. It is also not uncommon to find cases of divorces due a partner being unable to live up to their promises.

Ruins Your Academic Pursuits and Career

A life of drugs, especially heroin, meth and cocaine usually take over your pursuits of getting a degree or finding vocational training through which you can enhance your career and job prospects. A life of drugs often leaves one incapable of learning or contributing to anything productive in society. This also leads to a significant negative effect on future generations, especially with regards to poverty.

Healthy Alternatives

It takes courage to know and seek alternatives to be able to say no to drugs to avoid living a life of misery and regret. Spend time engaged in physical activities, such as sports, martial arts, boxing and social groups that contribute to learning. Boxing is often considered a deterrent for many boys to take drugs and spend their energy and release their frustrations in a more productive manner. You can also take painting or art classes to keep your mind engaged and tap into your inner creativity and genius. 

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