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Valentine’s Day; Teenage Couples & how it affects them

Valentine’s Day; Teenage Couples & how it affects them



Valentine’s day is a strange one. It’s a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to. Although the day is often overlooked, you would be surprised how many people this day actually effects emotionally.

It can affect teens in a lot of different ways; this can be in a negative way but also a positive way. However it is most commonly negative. It is true that it might not affect you at all, yet to so many it is a huge occasion and can be a great influence towards your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself as a person.

There is a great importance to explain these feelings briefly, to help ensure you fully understand why you’re feeling this way. What’s more is that you must know how to deal with these feelings and what to do about them. There are always ways to see any negative as a positive and it is always a good to remember this.

By reading this article you’re bound to learn a little more about what’s really important on Valentine ’s Day and perhaps you’ll see the bigger picture. In other words it is just another day and whether it was a good or bad day, it should not affect you all that much, as it doesn’t really mean anything.  

How you should deal with a negative Valentine’s Day…

There has been a lot of research into this day and why it affects teenagers so much. Research has shown that many teens are affected dramatically by the day. Here are a few stats;

  • 40% of British teenagers received no Valentine’s cards last year on 14th February.
  • 61% reported a negative impact on how comfortable they feel with themselves.
  • 59% said the number of cards they received last year made them feel embarrassed or unattractive.
  • 65% of teens who received a card said it made them feel better about themselves on the day.
  • 45% of teens cited love and relationships as their greatest cause of concern.

As you can see from the stats above it affects people more than we think.  It’s important to understand there is much more to receiving a card than you might think. For instance, someone might be too shy to give you one, they might think it’s childish; they might want you to send them one instead? However so many people overlook the day meaning, so it’s important not to let it get you down if you don’t receive one.

On top of this, most people would rather show their feelings in other ways, so it’s better to be patient and relax, after all everything happens for a reason.

Positive reactions & how couples should act on Valentine’s day…

For couples, especially teenagers, it is extremely important you do not do anything silly, or feel bad just for the sake of one day. Taking all the same precautions you normally would is a necessity. However, making it a romantic day you’ll never forget is equally as important so making special plans for things to do, places to go, etc. for this day will always go down well.

If you’re worried at all about the upcoming Valentine’s day, or feel you have added pressure on from your partner, or simply want a few pointers on how to make it a great day then talk to us anonymously at Chyps Plus in Hackney.