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What is CHYPS Plus?

CHYPS Plus: Because Your Health Is Our Concern

What is CHYPS Plus?

CHYPS Plus seeks to provide young people (anyone between the ages of eleven and nineteen) in the City and Hackney area easy and convenient healthcare. We cover both mental and physical health issues.

We take pride in being highly supportive while offering a comfortable environment where teens and pre-teens feel safe and comfortable discussing their most intimate problems.

In fact, it is our firm belief that all young people, irrespective of their socio-cultural background, should have the right to be able to easily access healthcare facilities tailor-made to their own specific problems and issues.

These is precisely why we offer our services to the younger segment of society and seek their own observations as to how to efficiently improve their overall health socially, emotionally as well as physically.   

Ultimately, we strive to help them though the arduous time of their adolescence and all the associated physiological, psychological and hormonal changes that they are going though.


(How you may feel safe with regard to any information you tell us)

We at CHYPS Plus always want you to remember that you may feel free to talk about what ever issues you like without fear of embarrassment or any worries that others may get to know your secrets.

Whatever you say to any CHYPS Plus staff member, from nurses, doctors and psychologists down to even the receptionist sitting at the counter, will not go beyond the confines of the CHPYS Plus institute.  You can off course discuss us with your friends, peers and even family but rest assured we won’t talk about you with anyone at all.

In fact, we take your privacy so seriously that we will not say anything to even your own parents and other family members!   It does not matter if you are over or under 16. Whatever you pass on to CHYPS Plus stays with CHYPS Plus.

On the rare occasion when for your own safety, we might want to share certain information you have given us, we will make sure that we have your permission to do so before hand. This will help us assist you better.

We have many sections on our website, some of them include:

‘Highs and lows’ section

This section is catered to providing information regarding drugs and alcohol so that you know enough to be able to make your own smart choices rather than relying on peer pressure.

While it is true that drugs and alcohol just might be the ‘in’ thing at school and a way of getting noticed by the’ cool crowd’, drugs and alcohol have grave risks associated with them.  Knowing and understanding these risks will help you make the right decision.

‘Growing Up’ section

Hitting puberty can be a very stressful time indeed. The body is going through a host of changes. In fact it is during puberty that the body grows up faster than at any other time since infancy. From voice change to menstrual cycles, it’s a bewildering array of changes in a very short period of time. In this section, you will find all the things you need to know about puberty but did not know who to ask.